Operative Dentistry

The Department of Operative Dentistry, Rehmat Memorial Hospital (Women Medical and Dental College) is highly motivated and focused on achieving the academic goals of the institute through vigorous hands-on training, patient treatment, regular theoretical lessons,interactive discussions and research.

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Shah, Head of Department of Operative Dentistry, is a seasoned clinician and academician. He along with his Registrars and Lecturers, maintains a comprehensive learning environment for the students and Trainee Medical officers, ensuring that all fields of Operative Dentistry are studied, observed and practiced. It is made sure that the department is fully equipped with the latest facilities and that a regular learning schedule is maintained, making the department a place for students to learn new operative techniques and enjoy their learning experience at the same time.
Operative Dentistry including Endodontics and Paedodontics are the fields being taught and practiced in the department.


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Head of Department Profile

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Shah is the chair of operative department at RMDTH affiliated with WMC Abbottabad. He joined WMC as an Assistant Professor in 2011 and is among the pioneers of this institute with an experience of more than 16 years of clinical and teaching. In 2014 he was assigned as a supervisor of the post graduate trainees by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan. His latest achievement came in with a degree of Masters in Health Research by KMU in 2019.

Skills and Expertise

Treatment in the Operative department of RMDTH covers the full scope of conventional and contemporary Operative care. Using the latest technologies in dental microscopy, 3D imaging techniques, diagnostic methods and advanced surgical and restorations techniques, treatment being offered in the department reflects current best practice in the region. The primary focus of the Department of Operative Dentistry is to provide the knowledge, technical skills, critical thinking and judgment for the diagnosis, prevention and management of dental caries, non-carious dental defects (attrition, abrasion, erosion, abfraction, developmental abnormalities, discoloration, and trauma), and elective esthetic smile enhancements. Our Department works closely with our colleagues from different dental disciplines to provide optimal comprehensive treatment for patients with challenging dental conditions and problem.
The faculty of Department of Operative dentistry is committed to providing the best education possible for our students and giving our patients the best care in a friendly and respectful environment.